Straightforward inventory and order management software for merchants

UT400 helps you buy better, stock smarter and sell faster

Straightforward industry-specific software – with the human touch

Straightforward, cloud-based inventory and order management software specifically for merchants, designed with over 35 years’ industry experience and delivered by a friendly team who are here to help you every step of the way.

Our aim is to provide you with the right technology tools to get the job done, anticipating your needs, boosting your results, and easing everyday pressures.

Make the most of every opportunity

Every day, businesses miss out on golden trading opportunities because of avoidable issues. Out-of-stocks, a lack of information, late deliveries, poor communication, missed targets, incorrect stock data – or just because someone was simply too busy to pick up the phone. With the right software in place to help you manage the day-to-day, you can seize every opportunity, and even create new ones. And you can do that while achieving even better customer service, reducing overheads and wastage, raising profits, gaining happier staff, and having a lot more time to focus on what’s really important to you.

The tools you need

  • Straightforward dashboards with the information YOU need

  • Clear operations for sales orders, purchases and stock management

  • See targets and progress clearly

  • Get stock or credit alerts

  • Automate repetitive or frequent tasks to save time

  • Simple, insightful reporting that gives you the information you really need t know

  • Credit controls built-in to manage risk

  • Expert advice and friendly service from actual people

Timber Merchants

With over 35 years’ experience working with timber merchants, UT400 will make life easier and business better. With functions to account for packs, mixed width hardwoods, milling and certification, you get the right tools to help you to run, analyse and grow your business.

Builders’ Merchants

UT400 is perfect for Builders’ Merchants, giving you the information and control you need to do business brilliantly. Overcome everyday frustrations and speed up operations with easy-to-use, powerful software designed specifically for your industry.

Steel Stockholders

We tailor our software to make it exactly right for your business no matter what your product range. UT400 is designed to understand things like things like Test Cert scanning, Batch Stock Control and Order Weights to help your business run more simply and smoothly day to day, while growing year on year.

Overview of Features

UT400 lets you work faster and more efficiently than ever before, with simple yet powerful technology that’s built to be easy to use. Whether you’re in management, sales, finance, operations, customer service or organising the yard, UT400 gives you the best tools to get the job done.

Hold the right stock

Simplified stock and inventory management integrated with your trading system.

Convert & Process

Convert quickly between material formats to optimise margins & stock control.


Save time & money buying the right products from the best suppliers.

Faster Sales

Process orders faster with instant stock-levels, customer buying history & more at your fingertips.

Customer Relations

Track contacts, conversations and notes alongside customer order data.

Invoicing & financials

Simplify accounting; email invoices to customers; sync with leading industry financials systems.

WHY UT400?

UT400 is the simple solution to a complex problem; a system which understands your business and makes it easier for you to work faster, smarter and more profitably, from anywhere, at any time.

UT400 helps you attract and retain more customers, increase order value, frequency and processing speed, reduce overheads, increase gross margin and ultimately grow your business.

UT400 lets you deliver the service you’re proud of with less effort, allowing you to free up valuable resources to make the most of more trading opportunities.

UT400 Order Screen

Customer Success Stories

Read more about how we have helped our customers.

Don’t take our word for it

When we say our biggest measure of success is the success of our clients, we really mean it. In this short video, Tim Payne, Managing Director of South Coast Building Supplies, talks profit margins, supply chain and better buying decisions – and says some very nice things about us in the process. Thanks Tim!

Demo the Software

We’re often asked why we don’t have an online demo of the system here on our website. And here’s the answer: because the true value of our systems lie in the customisation, the details that make the system exactly right for YOUR business.

But upgrading your software is a big decision, and we wouldn’t expect anyone to go ahead without knowing exactly what they’re getting. We are working on ways of bringing you a demo experience which will demonstrate the responsive, user-friendly interface and true power of the system. It’s on its way, so watch this space.

In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing more, just give us a call on 01202 861606 and we’d be happy to walk you through the system.