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For over 35 years, Ten-25 has been at the forefront of trading software systems for the timber and building supplies industries. We intend to stay there.

In 2018, our story opens a new chapter with the launch of our most exciting, powerful and flexible trading system to date: UT400. UT400 is a 100% cloud based trading and stock management system. It’s simple to use, yet packs all the power you could possibly need. It’s cost-efficient, intelligent and agile, offering you a hugely powerful business tool with extremely low-risk investment.

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UT400 at your desk

At your desk…

UT400 on your phone

In the yard…

UT400 in your car

On the road…

UT400 on your tablet

Or off it…

UT400 gives you the ultimate business advantage:

The Operational Advantage

Instant access to information and faster order processing. UT400 intelligently works with you to speed up day to day operations, meaning you offer better service, slicker administration and ultimately, more profitable business.

The Automation Advantage

UT400 helps you automate repetitive processes to free up your team for more valuable, profitable work. Plus, integration with external systems and data feeds delivers faster and more accurate information in and out of your business world.

The Technical Advantage

No more time wasted on system maintenance. Data backups, system updates and maintenance are all handled by Ten-25 on your behalf. What’s more, you can login from anywhere on any device, using broadband or mobile data, giving you 24/7 connectivity wherever you are.

The Mobile Advantage

Anywhere, anytime, from any device. UT400 lets you run things from wherever you, giving you instant, up to date, totally accurate information on any part of the business. That means faster turnaround on customer requests, reduced margins for error and total control.

The Strategic Advantage

Building up a history of rich trading data enables forecasts to be predicted with confidence, via simple-to-use reporting and advanced analytics. This improves purchasing and stock holding patterns and gives insight into the strategic direction of the business, helping you make better business decisions in less time, every day.

The Compound Advantage

Every little improvement than UT400 makes to your business will help it grow. You can boost the number of customers you deal with, increase order frequencies and values, choose the most profitable business relationships, save your staff time and give your customers better service. All those little changes add up to a big impact on your profitability and growth.


When you join Club400, you don’t just get the business advantages of a powerful, responsive trading and stock management system. You also get all the partnership and service advantages of working with a leading software company that has maintained its family values for over 35 years. You get the custom-made adjustments and tuning to make every system perfect for every unique business. You get the installation guidance and training you need for your team to be confident, and you get the ongoing service and added value resources you want for total peace of mind. That’s what Club400 is all about.

To join Club400 and be kept up to date with the UT400 launch programme sign up using the form to the right.

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