It’s now more than two years since King’s Lynn-based timber importer and distribution business M&S Softwood started using our UniTrade360 system, we wanted to share their thoughts on it with you.

When it was established 15 years ago, the Swedish-owned business handled around 85 cubic metres of timber in its first trading month. These days demand is over 1800 cubic metres per month! The need for a flexible, user-friendly IT solution was obvious. After a few years with a different system, around 18 months ago M&S Softwoods came to talk to us.

After several months of discussions, including a visit to another client’s premises to show the system in action, the decision was made and UniTrade360 was implemented. So – how do they think it’s going?

The verdict is positive. The system copes admirably with the stock management requirements and general business administration functions, and its user-friendly design appeals to all staff. But according to National Sales & Marketing Manager Kevin Mummery, the main area it is making a difference is in its reporting and analysis functions.

He says, “The crucial difference is being able to run reports ourselves, cutting the data however we need it, on the spot. It’s so much faster and more convenient to be able to do it ourselves – though we know Ten-25 would do it for us if we asked!”

Site Manager Stuart Newman says, “The people at Ten-25 really listen to what we say. We might mention something we’d like to see the system doing to our implementation manager, and a couple of months down the line, they’ve added it. It’s fantastic working with such a responsive company who are really taking on board what their customers are saying.”

He adds, “Ten-25 is always improving the software and adding updates, and they are very good about informing us and rolling out the updates in a helpful way. It’s great to have such good communication, and it’s good to know that our feedback is being heard, and acted on.”

It’s early days, of course, but so far the signs are looking good. With new functions and improvements being added to the system all the time, Ten-25’s flexible and responsive approach seems to be working with its customers, and helping them to grow.

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