When times are tough and every deal is hard won, it’s vital that every penny spent gets as high a return as possible. None of us can afford to miss those trading opportunities when they come up. So when specialist timber importer EE Olley was able to use automated system functions to replace a largely administrative role with a new sales team member, the benefits were felt straight away.

Family values, commercial success

The business has a long heritage

Established in 1952, EE Olley & Sons trade from a 1.5 acre single depot in Dartford, servicing London and the South East of England. Over the years it has evolved from a packing case and cable drum supplier to importing and stocking a huge range of specialist timbers, producing challenging timber specifications in both soft and hardwoods.

The Olley & Sons site in Dartford, Kent

It has always been a family-run business, with strong values. New trainee Heather is part of that same family, and it’s always a pleasure to see client businesses continue to grow through generations. We’ve been working with EE Olley for over 15 years now, and we recently caught up with director Mark Jones to find out what’s new.

Given the challenging trading environment throughout the industry at the current time, it’s heartening to hear that sales continue to grow strongly. Tight monitoring of margins and stock ensure profitability also increases all the time, and using features like 360 and Task Centre keep operations finely tuned.

“Thanks to automation features in our software, we’ve streamlined so much admin that we’ve been able to employ a whole new sales person!” Mark Jones, Sales Director

Time really is money

Perhaps the biggest area that has benefited the EE Olley business is that of time saving. It’s a hard thing to quantify – how much time is spent on one task rather than another, how much time is saved with a more efficient quoting or invoicing system, with simpler ways to copy or email documents to customers, or what the value is of having more professional documents and images which are easily stored, filed and accessed.

Time really is money – does your business make the most of it?

Recently, the business was able to make a big change to its office staff which has had a significant impact on sales. Making the most of the technology available to them to automate repetitive and time-consuming admin tasks, including quote preparation and conversion to despatch notes and invoices, EE Olley has been able to replace a predominantly secretarial role with a new sales team member. So much time has been saved through faster processes and automated functions that not only has money been saved on an unnecessary administrator, but sales are actively growing thanks to increased resources.

Coupled with tighter stock control and good management reporting to help identify both opportunities and potential challenges, the time-saving elements of the system facilitate a very profitable business. Reducing time and stock wastage has enabled the business to focus on what it does best – supplying specialist timbers to customers in the most efficient, profitable ways possible. In an economic climate where growth and expansion seem like an increasingly tough challenge, we’re thrilled to play our part in seeing clients like EE Olley able to continue trading profitably and successfully, without needing to increase overheads or incur risky development investment.

They say that time is money – and in this case, it definitely seems to be the case.

You can check out EE Olley’s brand new website by clicking here!

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