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Easy-to-use digital ERP system for merchants


Merchanter is a digital ERP system for merchant businesses. With clear information and controls on every screen and accessed through the internet browser on your computer or smart device, Merchanter is simple for your whole team to use from anywhere. 

By focusing on being easy to use across the business, Merchanter builds comprehensive and accurate trading information.  Richer information helps your team make faster, better decisions, keeping customers better informed, to deliver great customer service and more profitable, efficient business.  Businesses that deliver great customer service benefit from a loyal and growing customer base, securing a successful future of sustainable growth.

Everything from the online system demo to installation and training can be performed remotely to keep your staff safe, and to cause minimal disruption. It is also significantly faster to implement than any traditional ERP system; some new customers have been able to go live within just 4 weeks.

It features customised dashboards for the most relevant user experience, over 110 KPIs to help you measure, monitor and analyse your business operations more simply and meaningfully, and a user interface that has been praised by everyone who has tried it for its ease of use.

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Why have we changed the name?

UT400 was used during the development period as an internal reference, because it was the successor of UniTrade360, our previous merchant business system.

2020 saw the initial launch of the system to the market and the reception it has had has delighted us all. However, we felt that the system deserved a name that reflected more directly the business sector it was designed for, and its primary use: and so, Merchanter has been chosen as the new name.

What about the UT400 name?

UT400 now refers to the generation of Merchanter system.  Future generations of digital ERP systems from Ten-25 will be known as Merchanter, with generation codes adopted when the system moves to a new platform or technology.

In terms of day-to-day usage, there is no difference between Merchanter and UT400 – it is the same system, just under a new name. UT400 will continue to be referenced in some system and internal documentation, and customers will still log into *.ut400.net.  

Over the coming weeks and months, we will gradually be replacing the name UT400 with Merchanter across the website, communications and social media platforms so please bear with us while we implement these changes.

40 years serving merchants with market-leading software

2021 marks 40 years since Ten-25 was founded, with the aim of providing merchant businesses with the right tools to build better business through technology. This exciting rebrand therefore feels like a fitting start to the new year.


If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you’d like to try Merchanter for yourself, just get in touch here and we will send you login details.


“All of our staff are extremely excited about using Merchanter as it makes all of our working lives so much more enjoyable. The flexibility and control in terms of pricing, the simplicity, and options available to control our stocks, will be a gamechanger to our company.”

Mike Tregunna - Build Supplies Ltd

 “It’s really simple to use – it does exactly what we need it to, but it will adapt and evolve as we grow. With Ten-25 we feel it’s a real partnership.” 

Dan Need - Midland Steel Distribution



We love chatting to people about their businesses, and how we might help.  We will always give an honest opinion on whether Merchanter is a good fit for your business - it doesn't help either of us if not.  Feel free to give us a call, ping through an email, or complete the form below to start the conversation.


We get it – we probably wouldn’t believe us either. But we’re so confident that you’ll find Merchanter easy to use, we’ll give you access to it for free, with no obligation.

Try Merchanter in your own time, with no pressure from a sales rep, just send us your details. We’ll be in touch with a system login, so you can discover the revolutionary ease of Merchanter for yourself.


Want someone to show you Merchanter with a demonstration tailored to your business?  We can arrange a 1-2 hour online demonstration walking through how the system works for a business like yours.  We can set up sample products to make it more relevant as well.

Contact us to book in a suitable meeting time. 

 “It will save us a huge amount of time, on paperwork, reporting, stock management, operations, everything; making us a more efficient and productive business, with much faster availability. Ten-25 customised it for us as well, and the system is easily adapted as we grow. And it was remarkably cost-effective!” 

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