Ten-25 caters for a range of specialist agents and importers, including plumbing, town and country supplies and many more.

Our system is flexible and designed to cope with multiple products and material types which can be sorted and grouped by bespoke batches, lots or collections. It can also handle swift currency conversion and on-costs in different currencies. It therefore, has the ability to adapt to almost any sector.

UT400 is a complete software system which helps you to run, analyse and grow your business. It is quick to learn and easy to use, offering unbeatable flexibility and pinpoint accuracy. It will help you:

  • Measure results
  • Access and analyse information
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve stock management
  • Optimise order processing
  • Develop your customer base
  • Grow your business
Specialist stockists & agents

System Features

UT400 is designed for to be suitable for merchants, stockists, importers and agents spanning a range of specialist industries, so it is loaded with features to make your day job easier, helping your business to become more efficient, more accurate and more profitable. These features include:

Stock Control Each Product

From unit items, timber lengths, tonnes of aggregates, plates, bar and tube, no matter what your specialist area, every item you trade can be held to its own stock method. Recording type, dimensions and weight for selling and stock control gives the ultimate accuracy and flexibility, allowing you up-to-the-second reporting on exactly what you have in stock, where it is, and in what format. All that, and it’s still straightforward to use.

Milling, Processing & Treatments

Whatever the processes, conversions and product denominations of your specialist sector, UT400 can help you to trade more effectively and profitably. By ensuring the right information is included for costs and processes, you can ensure you are making a sensible margin every time. You can also send material to Outworkers for additional processing – whatever your way of working, UT400 allows you the ultimate control with the ultimate flexibility.

Alert Alert!

UT400 tracks your system and can warn of things you may be concerned about – whether that’s customers near their credit limit, products running low on stock or customers’ drop in spending, you can stay one step ahead. Total flexibility to choose which alerts you set, including upper or lower limits, and time-sensitive reminders.

Scan or Tablet signed Delivery Notes

Delivery Notes can be scanned into the system, or drivers can get customers to sign directly on an Android tablet. Signed proof of delivery can then either be emailed when requested or automatically attached to every invoice, meaning smoother integration with the system for up-to-the-minute accuracy, reporting and customer service.

Multi-Branch Trading

Know what is stocked at every branch, in any format, instantly. Place orders for customers to be despatched from straight from your other branches, or restock regionally before you run out.

Advanced Product Pricing

Ultimate flexibility for tailored pricing, including customer, quantity, delivery method, aggregate, agreements and schedules.

Kit Products

Hold groups of products as a Kit (e.g. bathroom suite) or as a quick way to add in multiple items often sold together. No duplication of individually stocked components, but still saves time and effort.

Product Barcoding

Hold multiple barcodes against each product. Generate in-house barcodes alongside manufacturer ones for faster order entry, stocktaking, replenishment and product checks, making sure your business runs exactly how you need it to.

This is just a selection of the sector-specific advantages UT400 offers. Our systems have advanced trading and merchanting features that can be tailored to your business. Book a call to discuss your requirements.