5 purchasing features to simplify everyday tasks

Merchanter is a system that allows every member of the workforce to unlock their full potential, with a host of features designed to make everyday tasks quicker and easier, putting the right information in your line of sight for efficient, productive working.

We talk a lot about stock management, but there are lots of other areas of a merchant’s business that a good ERP system can enhance, and Merchanter caters for every member of every department, from procurement to logistics, stock management to finance and everything in between.

In fact, not all our customers are stockholders – we also work with agents, importers and distributors who don’t all use the stock features of the system at all. If that’s you, you might be interested to know that Merchanter caters for all forward contracting needs as well, so even if you don't hold stock yourself, it's still an incredibly useful tool. (If you're interested in finding out more about our forward contracting features, we'll be talking about in more detail in a future blog, so watch this space!)

So whether you stock materials or just trade them, here are five ways that Merchanter’s purchasing features can help you drive efficiency, productivity and profitability throughout your business.

Get the best pricing every time

Compare prices instantly from different suppliers; import prices lists and compare with previous purchases.

Whether you’re looking by supplier or by product, you’ll instantly see the best prices available by comparison against each product line, making it quicker and easier to make sure you’re paying the best price, every time.

You’ll also be able to see what you’ve paid with a given supplier in the past, so you’re always on top of the negotiations and can easily keep track of changing costs.

Order easily and quickly

Issue POs straight from the supplier or product record for fast, painless ordering. Merchanter offers fantastic stock optimisation and management tools so you’ll always know where to focus your attention for optimum availability. This integrates with the purchasing features so you can raise POs straight from the product or supplier page.

You can also see order history both by supplier and product line instantly, so you can keep on top of pricing changes and discrepancies, and there are a number of built-in safeguards to ensure orders aren’t incurring additional charges such as delivery cost.

Manage and compare suppliers

You can see supplier history and pricing instantly so it’s really easy to keep track of how your suppliers are performing. You can also easily see how much you’re spending with a given supplier, what their track record is for delivery timings and reliability, and you’ll always have a complete record of quotes, invoices and orders at the click of a button.

All these combine not only to ensure you understand the buying habits across the business and how suppliers are performing, it also gives you valuable information to use when negotiating terms and pricing ongoing.

The system keeps track of historic pricing for comparison, but it’s also quick and easy to upload and import supplier cost and product databases for instant, current comparisons.

Avoid costly oversights

The system has a number of safeguards in place to avoid expensive additional charges. Therefore it’s easy to see when an order falls below a minimum order value, or will incur a delivery fee.

With instant price comparisons and supplier history, buyers will find it easier than ever to keep on top of service levels and pricing consistency, and will be able to avoid costly oversights.

Manage live orders for great service and pre-empt issues

Buyers will have straightforward visual measures of live POs, overdue POs and orders received and despatched so it’s never been easier to keep on top of every order, ensuring the best customer service. Knowing what’s in the pipeline and having instant access to stock information enables every member of the team to pre-empt delivery or availability issues and take action directly to avoid out-of-stocks or order shortfalls.

Managers can see individual, team, depot and business-wise metrics to ensure service is being delivered across the board, with key KPIs front and centre for total relevance and clarity.

Simple ERP software to make every day easier

There are over 110 KPIs within the Merchanter system so every user in the business will have the tools they need to get the job done more easily. Key information is instantly visible and you can drill down into the detail easily and directly. Compare MTD and YTD figures easily, import and export data without any hassle, and create and compare orders in just a few clicks.

And of course, because Merchanter is 100% Cloud based, you can access all that information and perform every task from anywhere, at any time, on your smart device. So whether you’re working from home, on the road or in the yard, Merchanter helps you every step of the way, keeping the information in the business current, accurate and totally integrated.

If you’d like to find out more about Merchanter or try the free online demo system for yourself, just register here for login details.

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