5 ways your business software can reduce stress this summer

5 ways your software can reduce stress this summer

We love summer in so many ways – but it comes with its issues, like staff and supplier holidays and weather-dependent sales fluctuations.

Don’t let stress get the better of you – demand more from your software

Here are some of the ways your software could be helping to alleviate the stress:

Staff Cover

Your software can help you plan ahead to bridge staff gaps seamlessly

Staff absences can cause any number of issues, from disrupted customer service to overloading other staff members

to compensate. But with the right software in place, a lot of the problems that can crop up as a result of staff being away can be alleviated.

With an integrated system like UT400, anyone with a login can instantly see up to date customer history, including what quotes have been raised, what orders have been dispatched and what invoices might be outstanding. Therefore if a customer rings up, whoever picks up that call can provide accurate, up to date information instantly, providing a seamless service for customers and a stress-free experience for your staff.

Supplier Holidays

It works both ways – with a complete history of transactions at your fingertips, everyone can see what’s on order, what’s being delivered when, and what will be needed in the coming weeks. Intelligent stock management and reporting enables better prediction of required materials over longer periods too, meaning you can benefit from economies of scale and longer lead times – planning ahead pays off in more ways than one!


The literal lifeblood of any company, it’s vital to keep cashflow consistent over the summer months, regardless of who’s on holiday. Automated invoicing and reminders, as well as built-in credit limits and margin protection safeguard your finances and ensure that everything is still going out when it should, to keep the cashflow running all year round.


It’s not just money that needs to keep working properly – your stock, both incoming and outgoing, needs to be managed seamlessly too. An integrated Cloud inventory management system like UT400 lets you manage, predict and even automate elements of stock control so you know what’s needed when, and can plan accordingly. Again, anyone covering staff holiday can instantly see the live status of orders both outgoing and inbound, providing up to the minute information and therefore better service all round – without the stress levels rising.

Time saving

One of the biggest causes of stress in the work place is time pressure, especially when trying to source information quickly. Automated functions within UT400 save significant amounts of time and bridge over staff absences, and every function of the entire end to end system has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible – that means tiny time savings on every process, transaction and interaction you have, and those milliseconds really do add up. Simple, effective systems can save you meaningful amounts of time, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. (Or just go on holiday with a totally clear conscience – whichever you prefer 😊 )

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Let your system take the strain and stay in total control

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