• Alison Folwell

Are you caught in the cycle of busyness?

https://www.ten-25.co.uk/400-2It's hard to make time for long-term fixes to short-term issues when you're relentlessly busy - but if you don't, you'll be trapped in the cycle of busyness. It's important not just to make time, but to realise that perhaps things don't take as long as you might think they do.

We are changing the way industry-specific software works, to speed up the whole process so it can help you NOW, not in 8 months' time. We're hearing from all sides that merchants are seriously busy at the moment - and we want to help.

Here’s the dilemma – a new system could be helping to alleviate some of the pressure you're under, saving time and increasing efficiencies in every process across the whole business; but you have no time to think about choosing and implementing one.

We’re stuck inside a vicious circle of busyness – we know a particular solution would help, and make us less busy, but we’re too busy to think about what that solution might be.

But that is a short-term outlook and we are here to challenge it, because without a solution, you will remain trapped. We are constantly looking for new ways to make the process easier for customers, to reduce the time for implementation, onboarding and training, so you can get up and running in record time. Don’t assume everything you knew about trading systems still holds true – technology is moving fast, and the solution could be a lot easier and quicker to implement than you might think. And remember - being busy doesn't always mean you're being productive.

We want to break the busyness cycle, and help find ways that you CAN think about these changes now, even when you’re too busy to think about it. The whole point about cloud technology is its flexibility and agility, so we are thinking about how to apply that to the way we deliver it to you as well. I’ve listed below what we’re already doing – but we would love to hear from you about what more we can do. What would help you?

Try it out whenever suits you

You may already know, but we can offer the demo of the system online, with no need for a sales or tech person to guide you through. So you can try it out at a time to suit you, even if that’s outside “office” hours.

Start using it straight away

Continuous delivery means you can use the system for orders and stock management even while it’s being built. You don’t have to wait until every last detail is polished and final – it’s an agile, evolving system which will grow with you. So there’s less disruption to daily activity and your staff can get up to speed sooner.

You don’t have to have it all at once

If you’re too busy to consider having a whole system overhaul, don’t panic – because it might be you can tactically deploy some elements to address the most time-consuming tasks first. Start with some easy wins, like emailed invoicing or despatch documents, and build up to more of the system as your workforce is gradually freed up by the administrative time-savings.

It’s quick to learn – because it’s easy

We have made this the simplest user interface possible. It doesn’t take long to get to grips with the basic functionality and, like the ethos of letting the system grow as you have time, your staff can

learn over time too. But the point is, they can be up and running with it incredibly quickly.

You don’t need specialist hardware

UT400 is a true cloud system. It’s browser based, so it’s no harder to access your business operations than it is to jump onto Amazon. If you’ve got a smart device, you’ve got your business at your fingertips, so you can access it from anywhere, at any time. That makes remote working more viable, and it makes every transaction, stock adjustment and order update on the system instantly for real-time transparency.

Remote implementation and training for minimal disruption

While we prefer to meet customers in person and conduct training face to face, there is absolutely no need to. We can implement your system and conduct all training remotely, meaning faster, leaner timelines and a lot less disruption to your business. Your staff can even complete training while they’re furloughed if they want, so less time is wasted when they’re back.

What else can we do to support you?

We think the steps above are a huge leap forward for industry-specific software. We know that modernising merchant business through digitisation is the way forward and it is widely reported – but pushing it further down the line because of today’s chaotic schedule doesn’t help your business in the short term.

So if you you have ideas about what more we can do to speed things up to deliver a digital solution NOW, please get in touch. And if you know a merchant you think would benefit, please please please do help us spread the word. UT400 is here, and it's changing things. Fast.

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