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Confident cloud computing – is your internet connection up to the job?

Moving over to a Cloud-based business system has loads of advantages, and makes sense for a lot of businesses. However, we get a lot of people asking what internet capability they need to support a Cloud-based system, as they’re concerned their broadband set-up won’t be fast or reliable enough.  So, we’re here to set your collective minds at ease.

Is your internet connection Cloud-ready?

We asked Justin Metcalfe from Blastnet Communications to answer some of your most commonly asked questions – but remember, we offer a complete installation and onboarding package with every system, so we will work with you to make sure your network is up to scratch before we leave you to it!

How do I get the fastest possible internet connection for my business?

The speed of your connection will depend on the bandwidth you have access to, which is vir

The speed of your connection will be affected by many factors

tually limitless depending on what you’re willing to pay; so the first thing you need to know is, what bandwidth do you actually need to support your business operations. You could be paying £400 or £500 a month to support a 100Mbit leased line, when really you only need 10Mbits, meaning the rest is wasted money.

If you need anything under 20Mbits, you will probably be able to use an ordinary broadband line to do the job and pay a fraction of the price. If you need more than that, it makes sense to use an FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) line. This will cost slightly more than a broadband line and give you up to 40Mbits down and 2Mbits up, which will usually be more than enough to support your business applications as most of the data will be coming from the server rather than uploading to it.

How do I figure out what Mbits I need?

It can seem confusing, but rest assured we will help you establish your requirements during the installation process. It will depend on the number of users, system usage, phone integration, location and other factors, so it’s hard to give a specific answer here. However, it’s all part of the service so by the time you’re ready to use the system, we’ll make sure your broadband capabilities are up to it!

What options are there if BT doesn’t do fibre to my business?

If Openreach have not yet installed FTTC in your area, there are other ways of getting a similar speed broadband link. These include things like:

  1. Virgin Media – but only if they supply the fibre, which isn’t always an option in every area.

  2. Wireless – if it’s available, can provide very high speed links

  3. Satellite – which is a bit more expensive, but will provide a broadband link with 20Mbit down and 1Mbit up. However, this isn’t a great solution for a phone system as there is a small but audible time delay.

  4. Other options  – depending on your geographical location, we can research the best options when the time comes to install your system.

Can I use mobile broadband (4G)?

4G can be used as a back-up for seamless connectivity

Yes, you can use 4G if it is available in your area. You would need a router that supports 4G. Depending on your data use, you would want to make sure you’re on a package that allows for reasonably high data usage  without adding any nasty surprises to your monthly bill.

Can I use mobile broadband (4G) as a backup?

4G can also be used as a backup for the main broadband line if internet access is crucial to the operation of the business. We can discuss routers that switch between a main broadband and 4G connection to minimise any disruption.

UT400 can run off 4G whether you’re at head office or out on the road, so as long as you have a signal, you have instant access to live data which is constantly updated and integrated so you know what you’re seeing is the latest information.  

How can I ensure we are connected solidly though the working day?

Broadband lines are pretty stable nowadays, but, as above, it would be advisable to have a back-up plan in place to ensure connectivity. This could be a separate broadband line, which would work in tandem with the primary one so that if the first fails, the second would continue the connection. Alternatively, you could install a 4G sim in the router which could act as a back-up. There are plenty more options for ensuring your system is always accessible; it’s one of the things we will cover during the installation process.

Can I make sure my cloud business systems get enough bandwidth over people just browsing the web?

Most ISPs will provide both Family and Business products. They might call them something else, but the business products usually provide higher priority to businesses during the day.

Also, some routers and firewalls can provide a degree of prioritisation within your local network, so you may well be able to set some parameters around what usage should be prioritised. It is also possible to block certain sites if you don’t want users accessing them during the working day, or potentially restricting the duration of browsing. We will be happy to advise on these sorts of guidelines during the onboarding and installation stages.

What if I want to run my phone system as well as cloud business systems over broadband?

You can also run your phone system on broadband

This depends largely on how many users you have. For example, if you are using standard broadband and have ten or more users, we would suggest you use two separate lines, one for the application and one for the phones. However, if you only have three users at a site, the router should be able to prioritise sufficient bandwidth for the phones without impacting voice quality or the operation of the application.

If you can get FTTC in your area, one line should be able to handle ten users with some bandwidth prioritisation; so in short, it will depend on the speed and quality of your broadband connection, and the number of users. Again, we will be able to advise during the installation process.

How secure is my broadband connection?

Security is always a priority

A broadband connection by itself is not secure, but the router you install will have security built-in. You can also install a firewall behind the router for a higher level of security, some of which provide other options such as Intrusion Prevention or Contents Checking. Security is a huge priority so we will always work with you to ensure you are protected, and ensure your data is securely backed-up at all times.

And finally…

UT400 has been deliberately designed to be as light and flexible as possible without compromising on power or quality of application. With the increasingly good broadband networks around the world, as well as faster and more cost-effective network data availability particularly across Europe, accessibility has never been easier. We will always ensure your internet capabilities are at their optimum to ensure your system performs exactly as you’d want it to, and we ensure in our design that it is agile enough to be used wherever your work takes you. We work with network experts to ensure you’re set up in just the right way, so you can be confident that you have all the tools you need to get the job done right.

If you’d like to discuss UT400, or your business requirements, please call us on 01202 861606 or email info@ten-25.co.uk.

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