Do you want to get your evenings back?

If you’re fed up spending your evenings and weekends working – whether it’s doing accounts, stock checks, business reports or anything else, we hear you. Business is busy and it can be hard to find the time for everything else. We totally understand the pressures of merchanting and running a business. But we want you to help you take a stand and reclaim what’s yours – your time.

What if all those things were bit less time-consuming? What if the information was right there at your fingertips, and what if the stock takes stock-took themselves*?

Time-saving tools to drive productivity

Merchanter is designed for merchants so is packed with features that help you make processes within your business more efficient. It has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use, so your workforce can be up and running with it quickly and the time-saving benefits can kick in sooner.

How much time would you estimate is spent in your business every day tracking down paperwork? Past quotes, invoices, POs, delivery notes, material certification? Comparing sales figures and profitability reports? It really adds up. Modern ERP systems for merchants can really help streamline these processes, keeping everything readily available and easily searchable.

Say hello to a new way of managing stock

Perpetual stock optimisation makes a lot more sense than monthly or quarterly stock takes but can be time-consuming to get right. We have developed specific features to help you know which areas need your focus so the gaps get filled in good time and you get more insight into which products are selling through well, and which lines may need some extra help.

The tiered pricing system means every member of your workforce can use the system and you only pay for the features they need. That leads to better integration and up-to-date accuracy across the business, and reduces the time wasted in tracking down information.

Automated features to free up more time

Why not let technology take the strain and speed up those repetitive, manual tasks that suck up too much time? Send invoices, reminders and quotes automatically to make your operations more scalable and free up your people’s time to add value where they’re really needed.

Work from where you are

If the last year has taught us anything it’s the importance of accessibility. Using a true cloud system like Merchanter lets you access your business from wherever you are, on your smart device, with no need for specialist hardware or power-hungry servers. It lets your business stay up to date through remote and flexible working arrangements, but also means there’s no delay waiting for sales reps to return to the office to check availability or place and order, nor for delivery drivers or yard workers to upload goods receipts and PODs.

Don't waste time on updates and maintenance (let us do it for you)

One of the great things about a cloud system is how easy they are to update and maintain. No more booking site visits or installing new servers - updates are either automatic or at worst, done remotely, so you're always working on the latest version of the system with no disruption.

It also means when there's a new feature, or you find a snazzy new third party feature you'd like to integrate, it's a lot more straightforward to do than it would have been a few years ago.

And finally, cloud systems are easier and quicker to install in the first place, and can often hook up with your PIM or accounts package etc to minimise disruption when onboarding. You're up and running faster, and because it's easy to use, even the training phase isn't too painful!

Smarter tools for smarter business

Essentially, Merchanter makes it easier for you to run your business better. Integration, accuracy, accessibility, flexibility and ease of use are all core elements of the system, and the compound effect drives efficiency, productivity and profitability. And all that in a fraction of the time.

So the question is – what will you be doing with your evenings?

*This might be stretching the point (and the rules of grammar) a little – but it’s a lot easier than a shed-load of clipboards, we promise!

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