Everyday Easy: why simple should be top of your software sourcing wishlist

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Think about how you behave when confronted with something difficult.

First, it causes confusion and delay. Second, there is more scope for error. Third, it makes you less likely to want to repeat the process. And fourth, it ultimately causes resentment and lack of productivity. A system that is complex and difficult to use will not allow you to get the best from your team, your customers or your business as a whole.

“Easy to use” is rarely cited as a top priority by customers looking for a new system – yet it is THE number one piece of feedback we get from people trying the demo system. Which is why we are on a mission to get more people to prioritise ease of use when looking for a new system – because it’s absolutely critical for business performance.

Easy to use” is the #1 rave review we get from the Merchanter demo system – isn’t it time you made every day easier?

The thought processes people go through when confronted with complicated software are various – but they’re rarely constructive.

“I don’t have time for this!”

“I’ll look at it later…”

“I’ll have to set up some training on this – no-one will be able to use it otherwise.”

“I know I’m supposed to do it like this – but the old way was easier so I’ll stick to that. I’ll come back to this later.”

“I don’t understand!”

“I can’t do it.”

“I’m a failure.”

Don’t underestimate how undermining and damaging it can be to have to use a system day in, day out, that you don’t enjoy using, or that makes your job harder than it needs to be. People become unmotivated and unproductive, and even small tasks become stressful and arduous.

Imagine a world where everything is just… easier

When everyday tasks are difficult, take longer than they should or cause frustration, everyone loses out. Think about the last time you were looking for something and couldn’t find it easily – or the last time you were trying to do something and your computer wouldn’t understand. Hammering keys, swearing at your laptop – we’ve all been there.

Merchanter has clearly put its users at the forefront of its development. From the gaming designer’s layout of intuitive functions, big fonts, and bold graphics, which make it a pleasure to use all day, making it less draining on your eyes and less tiresome.” Mike Tregunna, Build Supplies Ltd

When things are simple, when they link intuitively and do what they should, every day becomes easier.

When the information you need is readily available, that makes every day better.

When the report you need takes 3 clicks to generate and is ready in 5 minutes – that makes every day better.

When the split back to back order you’ve got scheduled works like clockwork and everyone’s happy – that makes every day better.

When you know exactly what your targets are, how much of them you’ve already reached, and have the clarity to know exactly what’s still needed – that makes every day better.

When the account manager is off sick and the client rings up and YOU can answer all their questions because the information is all right there – that makes every day better.

When that client phones up to add ten lines to their click and collect order and the split payment is all sorted automatically – that makes every day better.

When every admin job that needs doing takes fewer keystrokes and a bit less time – that makes every day better.

When you have to work from home unexpectedly and you can do it seamlessly, with no IT back-up or issues – that makes every day better.

When you can leave on time to get home for dinner with the family and you know everything’s in hand – that makes every day better.

Merchanter makes every day better – and that makes business better.

Put it to the test

If you’d like to discover the beautiful simplicity of Merchanter for yourself, with no pressure and no hard sell, just register your details here and we will send you login details.

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