Inventory and Order management system made waterproof in case the cloud starts raining

Heavy downpours are likely from the cloud

We’ve been working harder than ever recently to put the finishing touches to UT400, making it 100% watertight amidst reports that the cloud may start raining. Head of meteorological exclusion Amy Jester commented, “Our developers have been coding around the clock to install the new safety feature Umbrella 2.0, designed to deflect even the heaviest of downpours to keep your business running smoothly, whatever the digital weather.”

OK, OK, you’ve probably realised by now that we’re posting this on 1st April and of course, the cloud isn’t about to start raining. The “cloud” – essentially just a name for systems where all the processing is done on powerful servers in a commercial data centre which users log into from an internet browser device – actually offers loads of advantages over a server based system on your premises, making it more flexible and adaptive than older legacy systems. UT400 is cloud-based, offering you all the flexibility and security that a state of the art cloud system has to offer.

Here are just a few:

(Real) advantages of a cloud system

  1. Always on the latest version – new features added by us are instantly available

Cloud EPOS systems offer many commercial advantages

  1. Instant accessibility for the whole team – even when reps are out on the road or logistics teams are in the yard, you can log in from anywhere and have access to accurate, up to date information about the business and everything in it

  2. Reduced error and duplication – because 24/7 access is available, there’s less margin for duplication errors and missed data upload

  3. Fast system setup – no build time

  4. Reduced system maintenance – back-ups and housekeeping are done by us, from where we are, so there are no hold-ups

  5. Connect from any internet browsing device, such as smartphones, iPads and Tablets

  6. Reliability – the system is mirrored so your data is secure

  7. Faster, reliable access for remote branches – Users at remote locations will benefit over a server in your head office

  8. Trade during a power cut!! – battery powered 3G/4G devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets will still have full trading functionality even if the power is cut to your site

  9. Better customer service – because your team has access to information from anywhere, and because the system is updated instantly with integrated data across the business, you can always offer the most reliable, up to date stock, logistics and service information to your customers and suppliers.

Whatever the digital weather, a cloud system is slicker and more streamlined, offering more competitive pricing and faster maintenance and upgrades. Find out more about UT400 here, or if you’d like to discuss moving across to a simpler way of working, just drop us a line on 01202 861606 or email

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