KPI Feature Spotlight: Live Quotes

A simple day to day prompt – that impacts performance across the whole business

Some of the KPIs we have discussed in recent posts have been quite complex, with advanced applications.

Today’s couldn’t be simpler – yet is still an incredibly useful, powerful metric that can help maximise day to day opportunities across the whole business.

Live Quotes

Each user of UT400 has their own customised dashboard, showing the most relevant measures and KPIs for their role.

So if you are a sales rep, it’s useful to see very clearly how many live quotes you have open at any one time.

It’s simple enough to find that out on any ERP system, sure – but having it as a clear, visible tile right there on your dashboard is a bit like having your to do list written for you. It’s a day-to-day guide to what needs following up, so no opportunities get missed. It’s a very useful prompt, keeping the information front and centre; and as you can also see sales measured against your own targets, as well as quote conversion rates by customer or product, you can start to manage performance and spot where you time can most valuably be spent.

Wider team and business performance

Having instant clarity on live quotes goes beyond the individual user of course. Each sales manager will see their own live quotes, but a team manager or director will of course have transparency across the whole team.

This is not intended as a micro-management tactic, though of course it is helpful for monitoring team and individual performance. But it also provides very useful information about quote conversion and efficiency. It can also help identify opportunities, and address any gaps or particular challenges a team member might be having.

Having a clear overview of the trends and patterns of live quotes open at any one time, and the simple ability to compare with quote conversion rates and deals closed, can help to streamline efficiencies and formulate relevant training and development programmes which will have a real and measurable impact on business success, as well as individual performance and engagement.

Information is useful – but insight that leads to action is invaluable

As with all the 110+ KPIs in UT400, it provides simple, easily accessible information. Which is great. But the real value comes from understanding how to interpret that information and use it to bring about improvements and changes to drive greater efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

If you have any questions about UT400 or the current metrics it measures, please do get in touch.

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