KPI Feature Spotlight: Part-Paid Cash Sales

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks with Part-Paid Cash Sales KPI

When we designed our new cloud ERP system for merchants, UT400, we knew we had to create a system that would work how our customers needed it to work. Real life, day to day, we wanted to create helpful tools to assist our customers in getting their jobs done more easily.

The system is therefore full of helpful metrics, alerts and reminders to make sure mistakes are fewer and further between, and that things don’t fall through the cracks. And we know (because our customers have told us) that one of the areas where things can get forgotten easily, is on part or split payment transactions.

The Part-Paid Cash Sales (PPCS) KPI tile tells you very simply how many part-payments have been made in the system. Just click on the tile to open the detail, and then you can drill down line by line to access the product and payment details, link to invoices and so on. Simple.

Being aware of the part-payments is step one. Once you know which products are involved you can then attribute the correct follow up, whether that’s issuing an invoice for the balance, cash on delivery or selecting multiple tender types.

An alert, in the form of an amber coloured despatch button, will remind anyone issuing an order for delivery that it has only been partially paid for, so it never gets forgotten.

Once the payment has been received and the delivery made, your accounts are instantly updated and the item is switched to complete. Again, nice and simple, giving you a real time overview of the moving parts of the business - like cash flow.

Add to existing orders for enhanced service

Imagine a customer has placed a Click & Collect order on Tuesday morning to pick up the next day. The order was worth £220 and has been paid in full. But at 5pm on Tuesday, the customer remembers they need to add more items to their order, taking it up to £500 – it’s late, so they phone up to add the missing items.

Whoever takes the call can simply add the new items to the existing order and if it’s not settled at the time, the order will automatically switch from paid in full to Part-Paid, with the remainder due at the time of collection (or on invoice, according to the terms you have in place with that customer.)

The point really is that you have total control and flexibility, enabling better customer service, without any risk to your own finances thanks to the automatic alerts and reminders which prevent any partial payments from slipping through the invoicing cracks.

Flexible, practical and valuable tools for the real merchant world

UT400 has been built based on 40 years' experience working with timber merchants, builders’ merchants and steel stockholders, among others. We listen to what our customers need and we build the solutions they want. UT400 is easy to use and, importantly, it allows you the control and flexibility to use it how YOU want to use it, letting you offer the best level of service combined with the most efficient, sustainable and profitable processes.

There are over 110 KPIs built in to every system as standard, giving you unparalleled insight into the day to day operations of your business, letting you make the right decisions faster, reducing waste and boosting productivity.

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