• Alison Folwell

Merchanter: the new name for UT400

Updated: Jan 8

We are delighted to announce a very exciting rebrand for our cloud ERP system for merchants: UT400 will now be known as Merchanter.

What is Merchanter?

Merchanter is a cloud ERP system for merchant businesses. With clear information and controls on every screen and accessed through the internet browser on your computer or smart device, Merchanter is simple for your whole team to use from anywhere.

By focusing on being easy to use across the business, Merchanter builds comprehensive and accurate trading information. Richer information helps your team make faster, better decisions, keeping customers better informed, to deliver great customer service and more profitable, efficient business. Businesses that deliver great customer service benefit from a loyal and growing customer base, securing a successful future of sustainable growth.

Everything from the online system demo to installation and training can be performed remotely to keep your staff safe, and to cause minimal disruption. It is also significantly faster to implement than any traditional ERP system; some new customers have been able to go live within just 4 weeks.

It features customised dashboards for the most relevant user experience, over 110 KPIs to help you measure, monitor and analyse your business operations more simply and meaningfully, and a user interface that has been praised by everyone who has tried it for its ease of use.

“Ten-25 has clearly put its users at the forefront of development. The gaming designer’s layout of intuitive functions, big fonts and bold graphics make it a pleasure to use all day. The flexibility and control in terms of pricing, the simplicity, and the options to control our stocks, will be a gamechanger for our company.” Mike Tregunna – Build Supplies Ltd

Why the change in name?

When we first developed the new system over the course of several years of development, we referred to it internally as UT400, because it was the successor of UniTrade360, our previous merchant business system.

It has now been in the market for about a year, and is proving popular with merchants. Next year we will be looking at launching a version of it as an app, available “off the shelf” through app stores via various partner systems like Sage and Xero. We therefore wanted it to have a name that instantly gives an idea of who it’s for and what it does, as UT400 only makes sense with some pre-existing knowledge. The system is design is designed specifically for merchants, and therefore deserves a name which more directly relates to its function and users, which we believe Merchanter achieves.

“It’s really simple to use – it does exactly what we need it to, but it will adapt and evolve as we grow. With Ten-25 we feel it’s a real partnership.” Dan Need, Midland Steel Distribution

Secondly, it has become apparent talking to our existing customers that most people don’t use the UT400 name anyway, usually preferring to call it “the Ten-25 system” or “the cloud system.” As word of mouth is so important for a product like ours, which relies so heavily on quality, functionality and usability, we wanted it to have a name that was a little more memorable and easy to pass along!

What about the UT400 name?

The UT400 name is not going anywhere. We are keeping UT400 as the generation name for the system, sitting beneath the new Merchanter product name. This means as we develop generations of systems in the future, they can carry different generation names, but all merchanting systems from Ten-25 can now continue under the Merchanter product name. UT400 will also continue to be referenced in some system and internal documentation, and customers will still log into *.ut400.net.

You may notice however that over the coming weeks and months, we will gradually be replacing the name UT400 with Merchanter across the website, communications and social media platforms.

“It will save us a huge amount of time, making us a more efficient & productive business, with much faster availability.” Suki Bains, Global Timber Products

What changes are happening?

As this is very “new news” changes will be taking place over the next few weeks. The website will be gradually adapted to incorporate the Merchanter name and we have acquired a new website, www.merchanter.com which for the time being will simply redirect back to the Ten-25 site.

We will soon unveil a new logo and will begin to refer to Merchanter rather than UT400 in all our communications.

40 years serving merchants with market-leading software

This exciting change feels like a fitting way to kick off 2021, a year which marks our big 4-0 serving merchants with great trading software. While Merchanter, under the name UT400, was soft-launched last year and is beginning to gain wider awareness, we have high hopes that in 2021 the quality and ease of use of this software will really start to make waves in the industry.

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you’d like to try Merchanter for yourself, just register here and we will send you login details.

“This piece of software gives the family business the opportunity to be right up alongside the national merchants, without the need for a dedicated in-house IT team.” Mike Tregunna – Build Supplies Ltd