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No error for margin

How do you make sure you’re not losing out on valuable trading opportunities?

There are many ways businesses can make sure they’re making the most of every available opportunity, and protecting margin is an important one. Using industry specific merchant EPOS / inventory and order management software allows you the flexibility and intelligent analysis to establish and maintain the optimum balance of margin that’s right for your business.

UT400 automatically checks margins on every line of every order, preventing margin being lost at any stage of the process and ensuring you make the most of every opportunity. The system will flash up a warning if margin is negative or low, checking both individual lines and the final total to ensure your margin is safe.

You have the control over setting the desired margin, price or line value to always achieve good margins and senior users have the flexibility to process low margin orders, but with colour coded and pop-up warnings, so it’s always a conscious business decision, and never accidental. And for complete peace of mind, managers will be alerted by email or on screen. No more wasted sales opportunities!

For more information about how UT400 could help your business to buy better, stock smarter and sell faster, just give us a call on 01202 861606 or email us at info@ten-25.co.uk and we can have a chat about what we can do for you.

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