Simple tools with big rewards – the benefits of the UniTrade360 Electronic Document Scanner

How much time – and money – gets wasted in your business each month resolving invoicing queries? When you’re in the business of trading multiple products, it can add up to thousands of pounds of both time and unbillable materials in the course of a year. Keeping on top of every delivery note while your product lines are transported all over the country, or even the world, is no easy task. But it’s just got a whole lot easier.

Introducing the quietly impressive new electronic document scanning software module from UniTrade360. It’s a simple little tool with complex capabilities. It is compatible with most models of scanner, and allows documents such as delivery notes to be added to the system automatically for instant access.

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Inspired by our own customers

We had customers telling us how much time was wasted on invoicing and delivery queries. In one business, it was taking two staff members up to two hours a day each, every day, resolving these issues. That’s 20 hours a week. Over 1000 hours a year. Multiply that by the average salary or hourly rate, and you start to see why this technology can save you far more than its cost.

We always listen to what our customers are saying. That’s why we’ve developed this software – because we know you need it. The benefits are clear, and it’s already helping several customers to streamline processes and eliminate waste.

Integrated information

As with everything in UniTrade360, the document scanner module integrates seamlessly with the rest of the system. You scan your POD and it’s saved to the system as a PDF file, easily accessible, instantly, by anyone with the right login details. That means you know straight away when something has been delivered, and you have the information at your fingertips when someone starts quibbling over an invoice. You can print it, export it, email it, paste it into a report – whatever you need it for, it’s right there. And with TaskCentre you can even automate that process, so the system could auto-send all PODs for a particular client, without you having to lift a finger.

Additional functions

We don’t like to do things by halves, so we’ve developed an even more advanced option for electronic document scanning as well. Which version suits you best will depend on your business, but we’re pretty proud of these additions.

The advanced option allows you to scan any kind of paperwork; invoices, purchase orders, test certificates, design documents and more, whatever you need, and then extract the data from it digitally. The software digitises the data, extracting it from the scanned document and integrating it wherever it’s needed in the system

So, for example, you scan a PO; the system will read the client name, address, dates, amounts, products and values, and will integrate that data into the rest of the system, from stock management to financials to customer profitability reporting. You can add notes by customer, supplier or order, which links to the PDFs. And again, you can auto-email documents, or batches of documents, to customers or suppliers too. Pretty neat.

To find out more about the document scanning software module, contact us today.

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