Stop digging for data

We’ve been out and about a lot recently, showing off our brand-new cloud trading system for merchants, UT400. We’ve also been sending out a lot of login details – because (ICYMI) we now offer an online demo tool so you can try the system out for yourself, without a sales person lurking over your shoulder

Stop digging for data – use a system that lets you find what you need, when you need it

It was a big decision, offering free access to the system to let people try it out for themselves. How will people see everything it has to offer? How can we be sure they’ll know how to use it? Won’t they need a bit more hand-holding?

But then we thought about it. And actually, while it was definitely a big decision, it wasn’t a hard one. Because we absolutely believe in this system. We have worked incredibly hard to make it genuinely simple to use – we even brought in a games designer to make sure the interface was as simple and engaging as possible. So we trust it.

We’re still here, on the phone, or available to pop in to help you out if you need it. But our job is to provide our customers with the tools they need to do their jobs to the very best of their abilities – and to do that, they won’t want us hanging around all the time. That’s why we’ve made a system that’s so ridiculously easy to use, we’ll let people play with it entirely by themselves.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here are just a few of the things customers and prospective customers have said to us over the last few months when trialling the system.

“The user interface is incredible – it absolutely blew our socks off. It’s so easy to use!”

“On our currently system we’d have to go digging around for ages to get to that information – it’s amazing how simple this is!”

“It’s easy, obvious and so clear to use.”

“I can’t believe how easy it is. It’s going to save us a massive amount of time.”

“Everyone picked it up straight away. It’s just so obvious how to use it.”

“It makes all our old software feel really clunky and complicated. It’s really simple and straightforward. Absolutely love it.”

“It will cut down the implementation and training time significantly because it’s so simple to learn.”

Fancy giving it a go? Just email or click here to request your login details.

If you’ve got the right tools for the job, it makes everyday tasks a LOT easier

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