Swans, software and the importance of simplicity

We’re a pretty technical bunch here at Ten-25. We make trading software. We spend a lot of time – really, a lot – developing new software features, functions and capabilities. And because we specifically make software for timber merchants, builders’ merchants, steel stockholders, plumbing merchants and so on (you get the idea), we have to be very good at what we do, or the trading software we make just won’t be up to the job.

white swan on water

Peaceful above the surface and working hard below it – just like great trading software

However, we know that not everyone loves software as much as we do. In fact, we’re aware that to many people, software is something of a necessary evil. Our customers don’t really want to deal with software – they just want to run their businesses as simply as possible, with the least possible friction from either technology or staff complaints. And that’s why we have to work so hard – because anything that looks easy from the outside invariably takes a lot of work behind the scenes.

We design fit-for-purpose software

We have spent many years (nearly 40, in fact) working with merchant businesses just like yours to design and build software systems that do what you need them to do. Our latest system UT400, is something we are very proud of. It does everything our previous systems have done, and a whole lot more – but the thing we are possibly the most proud of is how simple it is to use. Don’t be fooled, it is immensely powerful and can do anything and everything you would need it to do, whether you’re a start-up merchant just switching from manual to your first digital system, or a multi-site, international corporation. But it’s deliberately simple to learn and to operate.

We design fit-for-everyone software

When we say fit for everyone, we don’t mean it’s a one size fits all, off the shelf solution. Far from it. What we mean is that everyone who uses the system can use it at a level that is most suitable for them.

So if you’re a delivery driver, you can access the logistics module and update orders as they’re delivered, either scanning delivery notes or taking a digital signature, which is all instantly integrated with the system from wherever you are. Simple. But if you’re the CEO, you get a holistic overview of how the business is doing, with the functionality to drill down into the numbers from any angle you need to see them from. Financial controllers can see (and crucially, set) the credit limits and profit margin protections in place, assess individual customer transactions and order history and identify potential issues simply. And of course you’re only paying for the modules you need, thanks to our flexible pick and mix packages.

The dashboard can be customised by user, so you see the information that you need to up front, without having to search through the stuff that’s not relevant to you first. A personalised, unique user experience is the norm for most people these days – your social media timeline is tailored just for you, and we believe your business software should be too. Automatic colour coding gives you an instant picture of where you’re at versus your targets, whether those are based on sales, logistics or profits. It’s your business, and UT400 is a tool for you to use as you need to, to help you get your job done faster, better, and less stressfully.

UT400 User Defined Dashboard for Business Owner

Business owner dashboard example

Trade Counter User Fashboard Example

Trade counter user example of customised KPI tiles by user role

Credit Controller KPI Dashboard

Credit Controller dashboard example of customised KPI tiles by user role

We design easy-to-use software

It’s a bold claim, but we genuinely believe we have created the most usable business system available for merchant businesses. We even brought in an experienced games designer to help us perfect the user interface and make it as engaging and motivating as possible. When staff are wasting less time working out how to use a system, and spending more time doing their jobs, with gaps and opportunities made clear, it’s no surprise that performance and productivity will skyrocket. UT400 is not just a tool to help you do your job. It actively helps you do it better – and then shows you how well you’re doing.

When we say we put our customers first, we mean it. That’s why we’ve consulted our customers at every stage of development to make sure we’re designing the system they want, and we have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure we have designed a system that truly puts the user at the centre of the experience. We’ve made our software better, to help you build better business more simply.

Fancy a demo? You can choose from a range of demo options including video, remote video conference, offline system trial and face to face. To select the option that suits you best, call us on 01202 861606 or email info@ten-25.co.uk

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