The freedom to design your documents, your way

If you’re sick and tired of paying through the nose for your IT company to tailor documents to be suitable for your business, or fed up of long lead times while you’re waiting for new formats to be designed, you might be interested in what we’ve been up to.

You want to run your business, your way. We get that. You want the freedom to do things how you want them done,

the flexibility to make changes as you see fit and control over the costs and timings of what gets done. It’s incredibly frustrating when it’s costing you time and money waiting for someone else to do something that you should be able to do yourself.

UT400: with freedom built in

So that’s what we’ve done.

Thanks to a nifty piece of software called Aspose.Words that we are integrating with UT400, our new subscription-based cloud system for merchant businesses, you will be able to design, and make changes to, your business documentation. Which might not sound like a big deal – unless you’ve ever been in a situation where that’s not been possible before. Or where there’s a bill attached to it, or a six week wait.

Part of running your business is ensuring consistent, high quality branding and messaging across all your documentation. So being able to create branded business documents which are consistent across every area of your operations, and which reflect your brand accurately and positively at all times, in-house, as part of your trading software system, is a big step forward. It isn’t something that’s possible in all industry specific systems, so we’re very proud to be able to offer it to our customers at no extra charge.

We use Aspose.Words to design document templates in MS Word; but our UT400 customers don’t even need Word to be able to produce smart, professional documents themselves. It gives our customers the scope to produce or update the look of these documents using a tool they’re already comfortable using. It means they’re not paying for us to have to do customised amendments, or wait while we do it. It lets us do exactly what we always try to do: empower customers by providing the best tools for them to get their jobs done – better, faster, and more efficiently.

Sample order form design

Sample PDF Order Confirmation template

One of the brilliant advantages of Aspose.Words is its compatibility with so many other software packages. It is extremely accessible and allows us to create templates which our customers can use and modify easily, without requiring any additional software themselves. We have chosen to invest in it in order to provide our customers with greater flexibility and control, to save them time, effort and money by making one of those frustrating little jobs into something they can easily manage themselves. (Naturally we’re still on hand and happy to help – but we doubt we’ll need to!)

Time waits for no merchant business – and now that our customers have the freedom to modify and create documents themselves with a slick, easy to use interface and no additional software requirements, it really doesn’t have to.

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