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TTJ Awards 2019 – proud to play a part

This time last week, we (or some of us!) were in a beautifully sunny London to celebrate the annual Timber Trades

Journal (TTJ) Awards. It wouldn’t be very British of us not to comment on the weather, but it really was a glorious day – a fitting tribute to such a highlight of the timber industry calendar. We were delighted to sponsor the post-awards drinks and it was a genuine pleasure to see so many of you there; we really do work in a hugely welcoming, friendly industry.

MD Ian Oldrey and Head of Marketing Alison Folwell at the post-award drinks

London looking the part for the TTJ Awards

It’s a wonderful thing, sitting in a huge room full of people all so committed to their industry. The UK, as you know, is in a state of turmoil, yet the optimism and resilience on display was very evident, which was a heartening reminder of the strength (and unshakeable humour) of this great trade.

A few themes recurred throughout the day; the ongoing and urgent need for focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing (and disposal) of materials; an unquenchable thirst for innovation; the need to continue supporting equality and diversity; and the importance of breaking the stigma around mental health across the timber and wider construction sectors. Fairness, open-mindedness and plain simple kindness go a long way in any industry and it’s enlightening to see these subjects addressed openly and honestly. It was also great to see so many women in attendance – not always widely represented in the timber trade, but it’s good to see more and more thriving in the sector.

The awards sponsor wall

Huge congratulations must of course go to all the worthy winners, but also to every nominee; it’s no small honour to be recognised by peers, customers, suppliers and independent judges as leading lights of your respective fields, and is a deserved reflection of the hard work and dedication that every person in the room, and back at each office, yard or mill, puts into the industry as a whole.

At Ten-25 we are big believers in the importance of the compound effect; the small steps for individuals, for processes or for details, that add up to huge leaps for businesses, economies and countries. We appreciate that the economic climate is uncertain at best, and outright tough in places, and we want to reiterate our support, and our intention to continue working our collective socks off to give each and every business in this great trade the competitive advantage it needs to succeed.

Live social media streaming made for some amusing entertainment

Worthy category winners Dale Joinery and Brooks Bros – congratulations!

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