• Ten-25

UK Construction Week 2018 – Building a Great Future

We had a change of scene on Wednesday as we descended on the Birmingham NEC for UK Construction Week 2018. With a grand total of nine different sector expos under one roof, it made for a bustling atmosphere and an incredible variety of stands to explore.

The progressive technology on show was really something else, and it was evident across so many different sectors, from timber tracking to solar panels to workforce monitoring and so much more. It’s astonishing to see not only the rate of development of these advances but also the sheer variety of possible uses and applications. It’s great to see people getting excited about technology and seeing how it can be put to use serving the industry, creating genuine time savings, waste reduction and environmental benefits.

When we could drag ourselves away from the diggers and cranes

(technology is all well and good but who doesn’t love a massive rainbow coloured digger?!) we had a good look around and caught up with a few familiar faces.

Trade Associations were well represented and it was great to see the Confederation of Timber Industries, BMF and TRADA stands consistently busy all day!

Sustainability and environmentalism were strong themes and again it’s so encouraging to see businesses in all areas

taking this responsibility seriously. The industry’s reliance on natural materials

makes it imperative that we all work to preserve and maintain these resources, and continually strive for more efficient processes to optimise consumption.

The event was a great reminder of just how innovative  and progressive

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