We'd like to sell you less

Sound counter-intuitive?

We believe that with better tools, you can achieve more.

We believe that by improving every process in your business, your people have the power to achieve greater things more easily.

We believe that greater process efficiency leads to higher productivity, lower wastage and better profit margins.

We believe that when your business runs more smoothly, more cohesively, and more efficiently, your customers get better choice, better availability and better service.

We believe that happy customers mean better business success.

And we believe you can achieve all that with less effort.

“Merchanter is a pleasure to use all day long. The flexibility and control in terms of pricing, the simplicity, and options available to control our stocks, will be a gamechanger to our company.” Mike Tregunna, Build Supplies Ltd

ERP is expensive. Choose carefully.

Investing in a future-ready, digital ERP system is not a snap decision. It is a big decision and it doesn’t come cheap.

Nor should it.

Your business is complex. It need specialist software to help you unlock its full potential, and specialist software requires a lot of time, effort and experience to develop. And when it comes with implementation, training, constantly evolving capability and full helpdesk support, you can see why it requires investment.

But a good ERP system will not only help you run your business more efficiently – it will actively help you to grow it. It will pay for itself, and even add incremental value. It will drive productivity and profitability, helping you to focus where focus is required and achieve more from a leaner base.

That means you can do more with less. Choose the features your workforce actually needs, and stop paying for things they don’t. You can do more with fewer users on the system, because every person can achieve more than ever before.

Access, availability and flex

“Merchanter lets us see exactly what is happening in the business and gives us complete control, from anywhere. It helps us to focus on the most important elements and we are already seeing significant commercial benefits after just five months.” Patrick Phipps, Independent Slate Supplies

As a cloud system, Merchanter lets you stay in control from anywhere, without specialist hardware. Simply log in through any browser on your smart device, and you’re good to go. That makes flexible and remote working a breeze, and means information from on-the-road sales teams, delivery drivers and yard workers is always up to date.

And because it’s cloud-based, you’re always on the latest version, with evolving opportunities to integrate with PIMs and third-party platforms like eCommerce or accountancy services. The capacity is almost limitless, making it as close to future-proof as anyone could claim.

Do more with less

Perhaps one of the most core concepts of modern business is the notion of doing more with less. Digital tools like Merchanter can help you to do just that, staying in control of your business and understanding it at a more granular level, while actively enhancing your service offering and workforce wellbeing. Powerful tools make scaling your business up possible, so you don’t need to massively increase staff numbers or investment in order to reap the benefits.

“This is the weapon of choice for any builders’ or timber merchant that wants to bring their business up to date and drive forward.” Mike Tregunna, Build Supplies Ltd

With the adoption of eCommerce on the rise, it’s essential for all merchant businesses to find new ways to help meet the fluctuating demands of the business without exposing yourselves to financial risk. Using a system like Merchanter can help do just that, giving you the control, accessibility and performance of a much bigger workforce without the increased risk.

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