We don't do hold music

Being on hold sucks. It’s frustrating – if you’re reporting an issue, you want it dealt with quickly. If you’re having a new system implemented, you want your staff to have quick and easy access to training. And if you need to speak to someone, you want a real person at the end of the line.

We are investing heavily in the most important areas of our business to ensure we are delivering the best service, the best products and the best experience for our customers. That doesn’t mean hefty marketing budgets and shiny new graphics – it means developers, quality assurance testers, system trainers, administrative gurus and helpdesk analysts so you have the support and resource you need, from real people, when you need it.

Our customers stand to benefit from these changes, getting the best of both worlds with team members who have had 20+, 30+ years with Ten-25, tied with fresh input from new starters in training, development, testing, helpdesk and project management. We are really excited at the combination of seasoned industry experience and the fresh perspectives and innovation of our newer members, echoing the mix of brand heritage and product innovation for which we’re known.

New people

If we want to carry on delivering the best possible service for our customers, then we need more people to help us do that.

We have taken on several new starters in the last few months in all areas of the business to help deliver the responsive, reliable service we’ve been renowned for over the last 40 years. We have added to our helpdesk service with a “first line of defence” team dedicated to solving day to day queries and issues, backed up second line experts, and taken on a junior developer to help us create, test and deploy new system features. We have taken on a dedicated QA tester to rigorously test and retest not only the new features we add to the system but also to monitor and control impact on the rest of the system functions.

Some of you may already have met our new Senior System Trainer, Darryl, who has joined us to help the smooth onboarding of new customers as well as implementing training and development programmes to help existing customers get the best from their systems. He is also developing online training resources to make things easier for customers.

In just the last year we have welcomed:

Jason Dunn – Jnr Services Engineer

Darryl Rabot – Senior System Trainer

Rachel Cable – EA to Ian Oldrey, Administration and Sales

Franck Lahmeri – Quality Assurance Tester

George Burgess – Jnr Developer

James Green – Jnr Service Analyst

Omer Khaled – Jnr Service Engineer

New systems

We recently launched the Merchanter.com website for our customers, offering more detailed training and updates about our system. We are in the process of implementing a new helpdesk service with more automation and control for users, allowing faster resolution of smaller issues and effective escalation for things needing more complex solutions.

We are also investing in new admin, finance and communication systems to keep our team connected and ensure nothing ever slips through the gaps, helping us to deliver even better service and updates for our customers.

New partnerships

One of the brilliant things about modern cloud software systems is the integration capacity with third party platforms. Our recent partnership with BPA is making all sorts of third party integrations much more straightforward, from accounting platforms like Sage, Xero and Quickbooks to eCommerce solutions like Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Amazon, eCommonSense and more.

The potential here is almost limitless, so please do talk to us if you’re looking to add functionality to your operations and need to ensure your ERP system is feeding the right information through.

New functionality

We are always developing new features and ideas to help make customers’ lives easier. From the unique Stock Confidence metric which gauges the accuracy of your stockholding numbers over time to features so new we’re not actually allowed to talk about them yet, innovation lies at the heart of our promise to customers. We love the possibilities that technology offers and we work tirelessly to harness those elements of it which can benefit our customers most.

New ideas?

We are always open to feedback and ideas so if there’s something bubbling away at the back of your mind that would be useful for your business, please don’t be shy! We have lots in the pipeline which we’ll be announcing in due course, but there is always an insatiable appetite for more, so please let us know what you would love us to develop!

We talk a lot about providing software that helps our customers to grow their businesses, and we know first hand how tough growth can be. So please rest assured, we’re working on it. It may not be perfect, but it’s happening, and we are absolutely committed to growing and learning alongside our customers to provide unrivalled service to back up unparalleled software.

This is what growth looks like.

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