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What’s in a name? When it comes to software systems, it’s anyone’s guess

What do YOU call yours? – ERP system? Trading system? Stock control system? Inventory management system? Business management system? EPOS system? Supply chain software? Logistics software? Commercial system?

Trading System? ERP system? Commercial system? What do you call yours?

What’s in a name?

Ever since the dawn of time (well, the dawn of Ten-25 anyway, which was quite some time ago now), there has been a marked lack of consistency in the language used to describe the very products (software systems) that we create. It’s very difficult, therefore, to succinctly describe what it is that we do. Yes, we make timber merchant software, builders’ merchant software, and so on and so forth – but getting that across fast? Not so simple.

Different terminology has different connotations and none of it is 100% spot on. Larger companies tend to use “ERP system” quite commonly, whereas a different company might call it a stock management or trading system, or more broadly the commercial system or commercial software. While you may not think it matters too much what people choose to call it, it makes a big difference when you’re trying to tell people about it, or when a customer is trying to establish if it’s the right software solution for them.

The truth is, UT400 is all of these things. It helps you buy, stock and sell, of course; as a stock control system it’s absolutely brilliant. But it’s more than that as well. It has elements of a CRM system, allowing you instant access to customer credit history, transaction records and notes – but we wouldn’t describe it solely as a CRM system. It integrates with leading online accounting software, and enables the simple, automated creation, processing and deployment of invoices and receipts – but we wouldn’t describe it solely as an accounting system. The trade counter can make retail sales, but it isn’t an EPOS system. It’s 100% cloud-based, accessible via any web browser on any smart device, any time of day or night – but talking about it as SAAS isn’t going to mean a lot to most people. So what do we do?

Well, for starters, we’d love to know from you what YOU call yours. What makes sense to you? What terminology do YOU commonly hear when it comes to software to manage your business? (Because we bet it’s not “business management software,” is it?!)

What do you call your software system?

When it comes to software, there’s not much consistency when it comes to terminology

Whatever you’d like to call it, we don’t mind. But we DO want you to try it out and see how it could transform your business. If you’d like to take it out for a spin, just email info@ten-25.co.uk and we’ll set you up with some login details. And if you don’t think it’s right for you? Well, that’s entirely up to you. But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it – whatever you choose to call it.

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