UniTrade360 lets you work faster and more efficiently.

It increases the speed of operation and guides you through each process so you only enter the right information in the right places. No more wasted time, no more irrelevant detail, just a smooth, fully integrated buying and selling system that gets people, products and materials moving in the right direction.

Trading Features of UniTrade360 sytems

Simplified stock and inventory management integrated with your trading system.

UniTrade360 helps you manage your inventory more simply and effectively, so you know exactly what stock you have where, in what format, at any point. Instantly.

  • Current and future stock
  • Unit and measured products
  • Pack controlled products
  • Kits of products
  • Milling and value-added processing
  • Options for handheld scanning devices to speed up stock monitoring in-yard or on-shelf

Trading Features of UniTrade360 sytemsConvert quickly between material formats to optimise margins & stock control.

UniTrade360 is designed specifically for your industry, taking into account the processes of milling, production and conversion that make it tricky with other systems to accurately keep track of stock formats and calculate real cost and margins.

  • Quickly convert between product formats for accurate stock control
  • Convert weight and sized products simply
  • Convert raw materials to finished goods
  • Improved product descriptions on works orders
  • More accurate stock selection and processing
  • Includes processing costs in sales for increased margin accuracy
  • Records actual product usage vs estimated for cost & stock precision
  • By-supplier product wastage analysis for quality control
  • Can be done on a mill order for stock or embedded into customer order

Trading Features of UniTrade360 sytemsSave time & money buying the right products from the best suppliers.

The system helps you to make ordering and purchasing more efficient thanks to its tracking functions and data integration, giving you all the information you need to save time and money with every purchase.

  • Purchase quotations
  • Purchase Orders and multi-currency forward contracts
  • Auto back-orders for short deliveries
  • Goods receipt
  • Preferred suppliers by product

UniTrade360 Faster salesProcess orders faster with instant stock-levels, customer buying history & more at your fingertips.

Make selling faster and more efficient with all the information you need, accessible in an instant. Better customer service, better margins, better business.

  • Bulk sales contracts
  • Sales quotations and enquiries
  • Account and cash sales
  • Direct-to-site and back-to-back sales
  • Returns & credits
  • Embed milling & processes
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Custom order stages
  • Pro forma and cash on delivery (COD) sales
  • Invoicing and link to financials system (inc. Sage, Exchequer and TAS Books)

Trading Features of UniTrade360 sytems - customer relationsTrack contacts, conversations and notes alongside customer order data

Managing existing customers and attracting new ones is key to business success, and UniTrade360 makes it easy to do that well. It also extends beyond customers, allowing you to manage suppliers and trading partners too.

  • Delivery address database
  • Rep & assistant sales rep
  • Multiple contacts per customer
  • Notes history
  • Fast customer setup
  • Credit control
  • Automated communications options
  • Track conversations, sales history and more
  • Include supplier info

Simplify accounting; email invoices to customers; sync with leading industry financials systems

Accurate and timely invoicing is vital for your accounts, and UniTrade360 makes the process as easy as possible with user-friendly design and industry-friendly features including:

  • Links to leading industry financial systems (including Sage, Exchequer and TAS Books)
  • Automated email invoicing
  • Integrated reporting
  • Automated alerts
  • Customer & supplier history
  • Flexible invoicing periods

UniTrade360 can link to leading industry financial systems so it’s compatible with how you already work. What it adds is seamless integration and user-friendly design.