No hidden service fees or system update charges.
Just exemplary service and simple, powerful software designed specifically for merchants


Every system has one Prime Admin User, regardless of size.  Then add a mix of additional users to suit the shape of your business.
That means that every business on every scale gets to benefit from the full range of features UT400 has to offer. So from single branch to multi-site and international businesses, rates are fair and transparent, and there are no hidden service charges down the road.


To run your UT400 system Ten-25 can offer different pre-configured Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud containers.  Each comes with resources to give performance equivalent to different specifications of server.  We recommend a size based on the number of users required, but you can select any size container you wish.

Cloud Containers are purchased annually.  You can choose to upgrade your container to a larger one, add additional file storage at £100 for 100Gb, or add a fallback option at any time.


Full set up, training and onboarding comes with every package with a one-off, up front price and no hidden extras down the line. With a simple, per user price we are able to offer a competitive onboarding, migration and training cost that is fair no matter what size your business, giving every merchant the same advantages UT400 has to offer. We make sure every user is confident using the system, and we’re always on hand to help for the duration of your contract for ongoing peace of mind.


  • All systems start with a Prime user

  • Online access via PC, Mac, tablet & smartphone

  • Integration to your financials software

  • Cancel anytime with 3 month's notice

  • Unlimited ongoing expert help and support

User features

First system user

all Ops, Basic, Pro and Super features plus...

  • Business Administration & setup

  • User administration

Yard and delivery operations

  • Stock taking

  • Order Picking

  • Driver delivery with signature

  • Goods receipt

Basic sales & purchasing

all Ops, features plus...

  • Trade counter & simple account sales

  • Customer, Supplier & Contact management

  • Purchase order processing

  • Direct & Back-to-back orders

Advanced sales, purchasing & stock control

all Ops, and Basic, features plus...

  • Cash drawer management

  • Customer credit control, audits & invoicing

  • Product & price management

  • Credit notes & Supplier returns

  • Inter-branch order processing

Advanced trading with importing & transport planning

all Ops, Basic, and Pro features plus...

  • Forward Contracting (importing)

  • Transport Scheduling

  • Sales target management

That's what it costs - what is it worth?

Using the calculator below put in the stats about your business and get a guide to the net effect of improving your operations with UT400.  Time saving, better information, improved customer service with hundred of other micro improvements add up to growth for your business.

Don't know some of these figures? - Ut400 has KPIs that mean you can track the useful business figures daily, preventing issues and driving improvements.

Active Customers are those you have traded with in the last 30 days

What Gross Margin % do you tend to achieve across the business?

Knowing your stock, keen pricing and faster deliveries can increase active customers

Offer complementary products, upsell on quality and predict demand to
swell order values

Spend less time on maintaining IT systems, plus move to eDocuments saving paper, envelope and postage overhead costs

more, more, more - this is the tip of the iceberg on ways UT400 can help

How many orders does a customer place with you each month on average?

What overhead is needed to run the business each month?

Email smart quotes, hold the products people need and supply when promised to
win more orders

Apply smart auto pricing, competitive purchasing and email price agreements to 
improve margins while keeping customers happy

Divert your team from time consuming tasks to high value operations.



We love chatting to people about their businesses, and how we might help.  We will always give an honest opinion on whether UT400 is a good fit for your business - it doesn't help either of us if not.  Feel free to give us a call, ping through an email, or complete the form below to start the conversation.


We get it – we probably wouldn’t believe us either. But we’re so confident that you’ll find UT400 easy to use, we’ll give you access to it for free, with no obligation.

Try UT400 in your own time, with no pressure from a sales rep, just send us your details. We’ll be in touch with a system login, and you can discover the revolutionary ease of UT400 for yourself.


Want someone to show you UT400 with a demonstration tailored to your business?  We can arrange a 1-2 hour online demonstration walking through how the system works for a business like yours.  We can setup sample products to make it more relevant as well.

Contact us to book in a suitable meeting time. 


Contact us to get browser login details to try UT400 for yourself, on the demonstration system.


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