No hidden service fees or system update charges.

Just exemplary service and simple, powerful software designed specifically for merchants.

How it works

Step 1 – Prime User

Every system has one Prime Admin User, regardless of size.

That means that every business on every scale gets to benefit from the full range of features UT400 has to offer. So from single branch to multi-site and international businesses, rates are fair and transparent, and there are no hidden service charges down the road.

Step 2 – Additional Users

You choose how many people you want on each package, so you only pay for what you need and the cost remains proportionally fair across every size of business. It’s very much a mix & match set-up, so you only pay for the services each user needs, saving you money across the business without compromising performance. That means every user’s input is seamlessly integrated across the system for real-time accuracy in stock, trading, finance and operations – without eating into your profit margins.

Step 3 – Implementation Service

Full set up, training and onboarding comes with every package with a one-off, up front price and no hidden extras down the line. With a simple, per user price we are able to offer a competitive onboarding, migration and training cost that is fair no matter what size your business, giving every merchant the same advantages UT400 has to offer. We make sure every user is confident using the system, and we’re always on hand to help for the duration of your contract for ongoing peace of mind.

UT400 – Enterprise Edition

Every UT400 system has configuration to make it suit the operations of a business. However, for businesses with bespoke requirements, Ten-25 can offer a custom developed version of UT400. We work with customers to specify ad develop trading operations to exactly match their unique requirements. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this option further.